for 2nd – 3rd Graders


Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
 – J Chapter/Adler

The Painting that Wasn’t There (Field Trip Mysteries)
- J Chapter/Brezenoff

The Case of the Lost Boy (The Buddy Files) – J Chapter/Butler

Flatfoot Fox and the Case of the Missing Eye
– J Chapter/Clifford

Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery
– R/Cushman

Sophie Simon Solves Them All
– J Chapter/Graff 

Wild Willie and King Kyle, Detectives – J Chapter/Joosse

Sleepover Sleuths (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)
– Jpb/Keene

Meg Mackintosh and the Case of the Missing Babe Ruth Baseball
– J Chapter/Landon

Cool Ghoul Mystery (Fletcher Mystery) – J Chapter/Levy

Harriet Bean and the League of Cheats – J Chapter/McCallSmith

Max & Maddy and the Chocolate Money Mystery –J/McCall Smith

Bella Baxter & the Lighthouse Mystery – Jpb/Mason

The Graffiti Mystery(Damien Drooth, Super Sleuth)
– J Chapter/Mitchellhill

Sly the Sleuth and the Pet Mysteries – J Chapter/Napoli

Gus & Gertie and the Missing Pearl – J Chapter/Nixon 

Big Max in the Mystery of the Missing Moose – R/Platt

The Case of the Christmas Snowman - (Jigsaw Jones)
– Jpb/Preller

Who Cloned the President? (Capitol Mysteries) – Jpb/Roy

The Absent Author (A-Z Mysteries) – Jpb/Roy

The Case of the Missing Monkey (High Rise Private Eyes) – R/Rylant

Nate the Great – R/Sharmat

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective – J/Sobol

Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope – (Third Grade Detectives) – Jpb/Stanley

Case of the Graveyard Ghost – (Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives) – J Chapter/Torrey

Mike’s Mystery – (Boxcar Children) – Jpb/Warner


Prepared by:
The Bedford Free Public Library
Sharon McDonald, Children’s Librarian