Books about Families of all different stripes


Celebrating All Families
E Anholt – Catherine and Laurence Anholt’s Big Book of Familes.

E Harris – Who’s in My Family?

E Hoberman – All Kinds of Families.

E Hoffman – The Great Big Book of Families.

E Parr – The Family Book.

E Simon – All Families Are Special.

J 306.85/Hau – Celebrating Families.

J 306.85/Kuk – Families.

J 306.85/Mor – Families.


E Bunting – Jin Woo.

E Carlson – My Family is Forever.

E Caseley – Sisters.

E Curtis – Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born.

E McDonnell – Goyangi Means Cat.

E Rosenberg – We Wanted You.

E Sugarman – Rebecca’s Journey Home.

E Young – My Mei Mei.

J 362.734/McC – Happy Adoption Day.

J 362.734/Say – Allison.

Parent Shelf, J 306.85/Kro – Beginnings: How Families Come to Be.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Col – How I Was Adopted: Samantha’s Story.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Heo – Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Kat - Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Lew – Every Year on Your Birthday.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Lew – I Love You Like Crazy Cakes.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Lif – Tell Me a Real Adoption Story.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/McM – Just Add One Chinese Sister.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Oki – The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Par – We Belong Together.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Pea – Mommy Far, Mommy Near: An Adoption Story.



Parent Shelf, J 306.87/Rot – Something’s Different.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Aub – There for You.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Bro – Dinosaurs Divorce.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Bun – The Days of Summer.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Coc – My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts about Me.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Hig – Weekends with Dad: What to Expect when Your Parents Divorce.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Lan – It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Lev – Was It the Chocolate Pudding? A Story for Little Kids About Divorce.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Moo – When My Parents Forgot How to be Friends.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Ran – I Don’t Want to Talk About It.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Rog – Divorce.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Spe – Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce.


Foster Familes
E Polacco – Welcome Comfort.

J 362.733/Mac – Mama One, Mama Two.


Gay and Lesbian Parents and Relatives

E Polacco – In Our Mothers’ House.

E Richardson – And Tango Makes Three.

Parent Shelf, J 306.84/Bra – Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.

Parent Shelf, J 306.84/New – Donovan’s Big Day.

Parent Shelf, J 306.85/New – Heather Has Two Mommies.

Parent Shelf, J 306.85/Oel – A Tale of Two Daddies.

Parent Shelf, J 306.85/Oel – A Tale of Two Mommies.


Parents Living Apart

E Beatty – Knock, Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me.

E Bernhard – To & Fro, Fast & Slow.

E Coffelt – Fred Stays with Me.

E Coy – Two Old Potatoes and Me.

E Grindley – A New Room for William.

E Masurel – Two Homes.

E Schotter – Missing Rabbit.

Parent Shelf, J 306.89/Bal – Gracie.


Racially Mixed Families

E – Adoff – Black is Brown is Tan.

E Davol – Black, White, Just Right.

E Graham – Oscar’s Half Birthday.

E Senisi – For My Family, Love Allie.


Single-Parent Families
E Charlip – A Perfect Day.

E Thomas – The Red Blanket.

E Williams – A Chair for My Mother.

E Woodson – Pecan Pie Baby.

Spanish E Brown – Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match.

Parent Shelf, J 362.734/Zis – The Best Single Mom in the World.

J Illustrated Say – Favorite Daughter.



E Bennett – Dad and Pop.

Parent Shelf J 306.87 Hines – When We Married Gary.

E Hutchins – There’s Only One of Me.

Parent Shelf, J 306.84/Sch – Room for Rabbit.

J 306.874/Rog – Stepfamilies.