Princess Stories


Picture Books

[Sparkly] E Allen – Princess Palooza.

[Sparkly] E Allen – Princess Party.

[Sparkly] E Alley – There’s a Princess in the Palace.

[Sparkly] E Andrews – The Very Fairy Princess.

[Sparkly] E Auch – The Princess and the Pizza.

[Sparkly] E Bateman – The Princesses Have a Ball.

[Sparkly] E Buhler – But Who Will Bell the Cats?

[Sparkly] E Cuyler – Princess Bess Gets Dressed.

[Sparkly] E Dale – Princess, Princess.

[Sparkly] E DeFelice – The Real, True Dulcie Campbell.

[Sparkly] E Disney – Walt Disney’s Cinderella: A Read-Aloud Storybook.

[Sparkly] E Disney – Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: A Read-Aloud Storybook.

[Sparkly] E Funke – Princess Pigsty.

[Sparkly] E Funke – The Princess Knight.

[Sparkly] E Grey – The Very Smart Pea and the Princess-To-Be.

[Sparkly] E Heide – Princess Hyacinth (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated).

[Sparkly] E Hoffman – Princess Grace.

[Sparkly] E Holabird – Angelina and the Princess.

[Sparkly] E Howland – The Princess Says Goodnight.

[Sparkly] E Ipcizade – T is for Tiara: A Princess Alphabet.

[Sparkly] E Kleven – The Paper Princess.

[Sparkly] E Kleven – The Paper Princess Finds Her Way.

[Sparkly] E Lum – Princesses Are Not Perfect.

[Sparkly] E Lum – Princesses Are Not Quitters.

[Sparkly] E Martin – The Storytelling Princess.

[Sparkly] E Milford – Willa the Wonderful.

[Sparkly] E Mortimer – Song for a Princess.

[Sparkly] E Numeroff – Ponyella.

[Sparkly] E O’Malley – Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude.

[Sparkly] E Orr – The Princess and Her Panther.

[Sparkly] E Ross – I Want Two Birthdays.

[Sparkly] E Shannon – The Red Wolf.

[Sparkly] E Thurber – Many Moons.


Traditional Tales

J 398.2/And – The Princess and the Pea.

J 398.2/Bre – Beauty and the Beast.

J 398.2/Cin – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Cli – The Egyptian Cinderella.

J 398.2/Cob – Domitila: A Cinderella Tale from the Mexican Tradition.

J 398.2/Dav -- The Usborne Princess Treasury.

J 398.2/Ehr – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Gri – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Gri – Snow White.

J 398.2/Gri – Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs.

J 398.2/Hay – Little Gold Star.

J 398.2/Hic – The Golden Sandal – A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story.

J 398.2/Huc – Princess Furball.

J 398.2/Jaf – The Way Meat Loves Salt: A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition.

J 398.2/Lou – Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China.

J 398.2/McC – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Per – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Phi – The Pirate Princess and Other Fairy Tales.

J 398.2/Ray – The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

J 398.2/San – Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella.

J 398.2/San – Cinderella.

J 398.2/Sie – The Gift of the Crocodile: A Cinderella Story.


Princess Crafts and Activities

J 398.2/Dav -- The Usborne Princess Treasury.

J 743.44/Sex -- You Can Draw Fairies and Princesses.

J 745.5/Hau -- Princess Crafts.