New 1st Graders’ Summer Ideas 2012
Books to Read Together or By Yourself


Beginning to Read
R Capucilli – Biscuit (series).
R Cox – Fox on a Box (series).
R Hillert – The Three Goats (series).
R Mayer – We Love You, Little Critter! (series).
R Meister – My Pony Jack (series).
R Milgrim – See Otto (series).
R Schade – Space Dog Jack (series).
R Weeks – Mac and Cheese.
R Willems – Cat the Cat, Who is That? (series).
R Willems – Are You Ready to Play Outside? (series).


I Can Read Now!
E Corey – First Graders from Mars (series).
E Meisel -- See Me Run.
E Rylant -- Brownie & Pearl Step Out (series).
R Arnold – Hi! Fly Guy (series).
R Cazet – Minnie and Moo Go Dancing (series).
R Cowley – Agapanthus Hum and the Eyeglasses (series).
R Lobel – Frog and Toad Are Friends (series).
R O’Connor – Fancy Nancy Poison Ivy Expert (series).
R Palmer – A Fish Out of Water.
R Rylant – Henry and Mudge (series).
R Rylant – Mr. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake (series).
R Van Leeuwan – Tales of Oliver Pig (series).
R Weeks – Baa-Choo.


Stories With Pictures to Read Together
E Child – But Excuse Me That Is My Book.
E Cole – The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge.
E Cooney – Miss Rumphius.
E Crews – Sky-High Guy.
E Crum – Thunder-Boomer!
E Cuyler – Skeleton Hiccups.
E Feiffer – Bark, George.
E Frazee – A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever.

MORE Stories with Pictures to Read Together
E Graham -- April and Esme: Tooth Fairies.
E Grey – Traction Man is Here.
E Henkes – Chrysanthemum.
E Henkes – Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.
E Kraus – Leo the Late Bloomer.
E Krishnaswami – Monsoon.
E Lies – Bats at the Beach.
E Lin – The Ugly Vegetables.
E Lionni – Frederick.
E London – Froggy Goes to Camp.
E Long – How I Became a Pirate.
E Look – Henry’s First-Moon Birthday.
E Lum – What?! Cried Granny.
E McDonnell – Me ... Jane.
E McLeod – Superhero ABC.
E Meddaugh – Martha Speaks.
E Paul – Mañana Iguana.
E Rathmann – Officer Buckle and Gloria.
E Scanlon – All the World.
E Seeger – Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories.
E Stead -- A Sick Day for Amos McGee.
E Steig – Doctor De Soto.
E Stein -- Interrupting Chicken.
E Swanson – The House in the Night.
E Vail – Sometimes I’m Bombaloo.
E Willems -- City Dog, Country Frog.


Tales and Legends to Read Together
J 398.2/Ayl – The Tale of Tricky Fox.
J 398.2/Ayl – The Mitten.
J 398.2/Ban – Kumiak’s House.
J 398.2/Bre – Town Mouse, Country Mouse.
J 398.2/Bru – How Chipmunk Got His Stripes.
J 398.2/Bry – Beautiful Blackbird.
J 398.2/Cli – A Treasury of Princesses.
J 398.2/Cou – Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales.
J 398.2/Day – Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky.
J 398.2/DeP – Jamie O’Rourke and the Pooka.
J 398.2/Hen – The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
J 398.2/Kim – Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock.
J 398.2/LaM – The Elves and the Shoemaker.
J 398.2/Nis – The Beckoning Cat.
J 398.2/Osb – Kate and the Beanstalk.
J 398.2/Sal – Epossumondas.
J 398.2/Sie – Tasty Baby Belly Buttons.
J 398.2/Wol – The Day Ocean Came to Visit.
J 398.2/Wil – Clever Beatrice.
J 398.24/Aes – Aesop’s Fables.


Longer Books for Someone to Read to You
J Fiction/Cleary – The Mouse and the Motorcycle.
J Fiction/Dahl -- James and the Giant Peach.
J Fiction/Gannett – Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon.
J Fiction/Henry – Misty of Chincoteague.
J Fiction/King-Smith – Lady Lollipop.
J Fiction/Kipling – Just So Stories.
J Fiction/Le Guin – Catwings.
J Fiction/MacDonald – Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.
J Fiction/Milne – Winnie-the-Pooh.
J Fiction/White – Stuart Little.
J Fiction/Wilder – Little House in the Big Woods.
Paperback/Chlidren's P -- The Littles (series).


What’s Your Favorite Animal?
J 595.79/Mor – In the Trees, Honey Bees.
J 597.73/All – Are You a Dragonfly?
J 598.33/McM – Nights of the Pufflings.
J 598.84/Kir – What Bluebirds Do.
J 599.52/Tho – Amazing Dolphins.
J 599.63/Hat – Owen and Mzee, the True Story of a Remarkable Friendship.
J 599.57/Arn – Elephants Can Paint, Too.
J 599.76/Nel – Spraying Skunks.
J 599.76/Nel – Clever Raccoons.
J 599.78/Ryd – Little Panda.
J 599.78/Ryd – Panda Kindergarten.
J 636.1/Lau – True-or-False Book of Horses.
J 636.1/Pet – Horse Heroes.
J 636.7/Geo – How to Talk to Your Dog.
J 636.7/Tur – Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog.
J 636.8/Geo – How to Talk to Your Cat.
J 639.97/Swi – In Good Hands: Behind the Scenes at a Center for Orphaned and Injured Birds.


Prepared By: Nancy Tegeler, Children’s Librarian
Bedford Free Public Library
June, 2012