new fiction in children's

Board Books

Board book Ajmera, Maya. Global baby boys
Board book Thomas, Jan, A birthday for Cow!


Picture books

E Becker Becker, Aaron, Quest
E Becker Becker, Bonny, A library book for Bear
[Transportation] E Bee Bee, William, Stanley the builder
[Transportation] E Bee Bee, William, Stanley's garage
E Bingham Bingham, Kelly L., Circle, square, Moose
E Boldt Boldt, Mike, Colors versus shapes
E Bottner Bottner, Barbara. Miss Brooks' Story Nook
E Browne Browne, Anthony, What if ...?
E Colon Colón, Raúl. Draw!
[Sparkly] E Copeland Copeland, Misty. Firebird:;ballerina Misty Copeland shows a young girl how to dance like the firebird
E Cox Cox, Lynne, Elizabeth, queen of the seas
E Curato Curato, Mike, Little Elliot, big city
E dePaola DePaola, Tomie, Jack
[Dinosaurs] E Duddle Duddle, Jonny. Gigantosaurus
E Frazee Frazee, Marla, The farmer and the clown
[123] E Gehl Gehl, Laura. One big pair of underwear
E Gerber Gerber, Carole. Tuck-in time
E Hawkes Hawkes, Kevin, Remy and Lulu
[Transportation] E Horvath Horvath, James Work, dogs, work! :;a speedy tail
E Jeffers Jeffers, Oliver, The Hueys in None the number
E Johnston Johnston, Tony, Winter is coming
[Chinese] E Ke Ke, Yan Zhao jing z
E Kirk Kirk, Daniel, You are not my friend, but I miss you
E Long Long, Loren, Otis and the scarecrow
[Chinese] E Lu Lu, Bing. Xiao shan yang he xiao lao hu
E Marino Marino, Gianna, Following Papa's song
E McKee McKee, David. Elmer and the monster
[Transportation] E McMullan McMullan, Kate. I'm brave!
E McQuinn McQuinn, Anna, Lola plants a garden
E Murray Murray, Alison Hickory dickory dog
E Oskarsson Oskarsson, Bárður, The flat rabbit
[123] E Otoshi Otoshi, Kathryn. Two
E Phelan Phelan, Matt, Druthers
E Ray Ray, Mary Lyn, Go to sleep, little farm
[Chinese] E Ren Ren, Dalin. Wo men yuan zi li de peng you
[Chinese] E Ren Ren, Rongrong. Shui shi Dingding shui shi Dongdong
E Roques Roques, Dominique. Sleep tight, Anna Banana!
E Rudge Rudge, Leila, A perfect place for Ted
E Schwartz Schwartz, Corey Rosen, Goldi Rocks and the three bears
E Slack Slack, Michael H., Wazdot?
E Soman Soman, David. Ladybug Girl
[Transportation] E Sutton Sutton, Sally, Construction
[Chinese] E Tang Tang, Lufeng. Yi nian si ji
[Transportation] E Thomas The cranky day :;and other Thomas the tank engine stories
[Transportation] E Thomas Hero of the rails
[Transportation] E Thomas Percy's chocolate crunch and other Thomas the tank engine stories
[Transportation] E Thomas Thomas and the naughty diesel :;based on the series by W. Awdry
[Transportation] E Thomas Thomas' big storybook
E Tullet Tullet, Hervé, Mix it up!
E Tullet Tullet, Hervé, Mix it up!
E Wells Wells, Rosemary. Max & Ruby at the Warthogs' wedding
E Wright Wright, Johanna, The orchestra pit
[Chinese] E Yang Yang, Yi. Zi ji de shi zi ji zuo
[Chinese] E Ye Ye, Shengtao, Yi li zhong zi
E Young Young, Cybèle, Nancy knows
[Transportation] E Ziefert Ziefert, Harriet. Where is the rocket?


Spanish E Kohara Kohara, Kazuno, La casa encantada
Spanish E Morales Morales, Yuyi, Viva Frida


easy readers

R Arnold Arnold, Tedd, Fly Guy's amazing tricks
R Disney Posner-Sanchez, Andrea. The Christmas party
R I Like to Read Caple, Kathy, A night at the zoo
R Jones Jones, Noah Little Red Quacking Hood
R Willems Willems, Mo. Pigs make me sneeze! :;an elephant & piggie book
R Willems Willems, Mo. We are in a book!
R Willems Willems, Mo. We are in a book!
R Willems Willems, Mo. What's your sound, Hound the Hound?


j illustrated books

J Illustrated Heinz Heinz, Brian J., Mocha Dick :;the legend and fury
J Illustrated Polacco Polacco, Patricia, Fiona's lace


j chapter books

J Chapter/Branford Branford, Anna, Violet Mackerel's pocket protest
J Chapter/Hughes Hughes, Shirley, Digby O'Day in the fast lane
J Chapter/Mass Mass, Wendy, Water planet rescue
J Chapter/Milway Milway, Alex, Pigsticks and Harold and the incredible journey


hardcover fiction

J Fiction/Collodi Zamorsky, Tania. Pinocchio
J Fiction/Riordan Knight, M. J. Percy Jackson & the Olympians :;the ultimate guide
J Fiction/Swift Woodside, Martin. Gulliver's travels


J Fiction/Adler Adler, Irene The dark lady
J Fiction/Alexander Alexander, William Ambassador
J Fiction/Angus Angus, Sam, A horse called Hero
J Fiction/Barnhill Barnhill, Kelly Regan. The witch's boy
J Fiction/Barrows Barrows, Annie, Magic in the mix
J Fiction/Becker Becker, Suzy, Kate the great :;except when she's not
J Fiction/Black Black, Holly, The iron trial
J Fiction/Bosch Bosch, Pseudonymous, Bad magic
J Fiction/Carvell Carvell, Tim, Return to Planet Tad
J Fiction/Cotter Cotter, Charis, The swallow
J Fiction/Eddleman Eddleman, Peggy, The forbidden flats
J Fiction/Ehrlich Ehrlich, Esther, Nest
J Fiction/French French, Simon, My cousin's keeper
J Fiction/Gibbs Gibbs, Stuart, Space case :;a Moon Base Alpha novel
J Fiction/Gratz Gratz, Alan, The League of Seven
J Fiction/Guys Guys read :;true stories
J Fiction/Kadohata Kadohata, Cynthia. Half a world away
J Fiction/Klise Klise, Kate. The circus goes to sea
J Fiction/McMann McMann, Lisa, Island of legends
J Fiction/Nelson Nelson, Peter, Creature Keepers and the hijacked Hydro-Hide
J Fiction/Pakkala Pakkala, Christine. Last-but-not-least Lola and the wild chicken
J Fiction/Parenteau Parenteau, Shirley, Ship of dolls
J Fiction/Perkins Perkins, Lynne Rae. Nuts to you
J Fiction/Prineas Prineas, Sarah, Home
J Fiction/Prineas Prineas, Sarah, Home
J Fiction/Rivers Rivers, Karen, Finding Ruby Starling
J Fiction/Rundell Rundell, Katherine, Cartwheeling in thunderstorms
J Fiction/Russell Russell, Rachel Renée, Tales from a not-so-happily ever after
J Fiction/Russell Russell, Rachel Renée, Tales from a not-so-happily ever after
J Fiction/Scieszka Scieszka, Jon, Frank Einstein and the antimatter motor
J Fiction/Stilton Stilton, Geronimo, The search for treasure :;the sixth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy
J Fiction/Stroud Stroud, Jonathan. The whispering skull
J Fiction/Urey Urey, Gary. Super Schnoz and the invasion of the snore snatchers
J Fiction/Voigt Voigt, Cynthia. Mister Max :;the book of secrets
J Fiction/Webb Webb, Holly, The case of the stolen sixpence


paperback fiction

Paperback, Children's R Riordan, Rick. The lightning thief
Paperback, Children's series A Shaw, Janet Beeler, Kirsten learns a lesson :;a school story