new nonfiction in children's

J 032/Gui Guinness world records
J 032/Gui Guinness world records
J 232.9/Mor Morgan, Ellen, Who was Jesus?
J 242.6/Wig Wigger, J. Bradley, Thank you, God
J 306.84/Alk Alko, Selina. The case for loving :;the fight for interracial marriage
J 398.2/Don Don, Lari The Tale of Tam Lin
J 398.2/Gri Barrager, Brigette. The twelve dancing princesses
J 398.2/Gri The twelve dancing princesses
J 398.2/Rod Rodgers, Greg. Chukfi Rabbit's big, bad bellyache :;a trickster tale
J 438/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first German phrases
J 448/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first French phrases
J 468/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first Spanish phrases
J 469/Fre French, Jackie. Demasiadas pêras! =;Too many pears!
J 469/Lop Lopes, Maria L. Que Cor E' Ess
J 469/Wal Walker, Mariah. O dinossauro mais feroz
J 491.7/And Andersen, H. C. Snezhnaia koroleva
J 491.7/Car Carroll, Lewis, Prikli︠u︡chenii︠a︡ Alisy v strane chudes
J 491.7/Lev Levin, Vadim Aleksandrovich. Mezhdu nami :;stikhi, skazki i razvlechenii︠a︡ dli︠a︡ obshchenii︠a︡ s detʹmi Mezhdu nami, vzroslymi : kak chitatʹ deti︠a︡m, kak chitatʹ s detʹmi, poluchai︠a︡ udovolʹstvie i dostavli︠a︡i︠a︡ radostʹ : pedagogicheskie zametki pisateleĭ
J 491.7/Lin Lindgren, Astrid, Mio, moĭ Mio! ;Bratʹi︠a︡ Lʹvinoe Serdt︠s︡e Roni, dochʹ razboĭnika
J 491.7/Seu Seuss, Slon Khorton vysizhivaet i︠a︡ĭt︠s︡o
J 495.1/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first Mandarin Chinese phrases
J 495.6/Car Carle, Eric, Konnichiwa akagitsune!
J 495.6/Ide Bedford Free Public Library Japanese language book
J 495.6/Ide Bedford Free Public Library Japanese language book
J 495.6/Win Winterberg, Philipp Watashi, chisai? = Am I small?
J 500/Sci Science :;facts at your fingertips
J 520/Spa Space :;facts at your fingertips
J 537.62/Peg Pegis, Jessica What are insulators and conductors?
J 550/Ear Earth :;facts at your fingertips
J 567.91/Din Dinosaurs :;facts at your fingertips
J 567.91/Osb Osborne, Will. Dinosaurs
J 590/125 125 true stories of amazing pets :;inspiring tales of animal friendship & four-legged heroes, plus crazy animal antics
J 590/Ani Animals :;facts at your fingertips
J 591/Yol Yolen, Jane. Animal stories :;heartwarming true tales from the animal kingdom
J 595/Bug Bugs :;facts at your fingertips
J 597.31/Sha Sharks :;facts at your fingertips
J 599.78/Wal Walker, Sally M., Winnie :;the true story of the bear who inspired Winnie-the-Pooh
J 599/Mam Mammals :;facts at your fingertips
J 612.661/Har Harris, Robie H. It's perfectly normal :;changing bodies, growing up, sex and sexual health
J 612.6/Har Harris, Robie H., It's so amazing! :;a book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families
J 612/Wal Walker, Richard, Human body :;facts at your fingertips
J 625.2/She Shealy, Dennis R., Terrific trains
J 629.22/Mur Murray, Julie, Trucks
J 629.22/Smi Smith, Siân. Machines on a construction site
J 636.1/Hor Horses :;facts at your fingertips
J 636.73/Mon Montalván, Luis Carlos. Tuesday tucks me in :;the loyal bond between a soldier and his service dog
J 636.7/Dog Dogs :;Facts at your fingertips
J 636.9/Tho Thomas, Isabel, Giggle's guide to caring for your gerbils
J 688.72/Far Farshtey, Greg. Lego Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu official guide
J 688.72/Ken Kenney, Sean, Cool creations in 101 pieces
J 688.72/Lyl Lyles, Brian. The LEGO neighborhood book :;build your own town!
J 688.72/Lyl Lyles, Brian. The LEGO neighborhood book :;build your own town!
J 688.72/Wes West, Tracey, Chronicles of Ninjago :;an official handbook
J 750.11/Ale Alexander, Heather, A child's introduction to art :;the world's greatest paintings and sculptures
J 793.735/Ell Elliott, Rob, More laugh-out-loud jokes for kids
J 796.357092/McC McCully, Emily Arnold, Queen of the diamond :;the Lizzie Murphy story
J 796.357092/Win Winter, Jonah, Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
J 796.962092/Her Herman, Gail, Who is Wayne Gretzky?
J 811.54/Bryan, Ashley Bryan, Ashley, Ashley Bryan's puppets :;making something from everything
J 909/Bau Bauer, S. Wise. The story of the world.;Volume I.;Ancient times, from the earliest Nomads to the last Roman emperor :;history for the classical child
J 917.53/Sti Stine, Megan. Where is the White House?
J 917.83/Kel Kelley, True. Where is Mount Rushmore?
J 917.91/O'Co O'Connor, Jim, Where is the Grand Canyon?
J 937/Anc Ancient Rome :;facts at your fingertips
J 937/Osb Osborne, Mary Pope. Ancient Rome and Pompeii :;a nonfiction companion to Vacation under the volcano
J 940.1/Osb Osborne, Will. Knights and castles :;a non fiction companion to The knight at dawn
J 951/Dem Demuth, Patricia, Where is the Great Wall?
J 973.3/Roc Rockliff, Mara, Gingerbread for liberty! :;how a German baker helped win the American Revolution
J BIO Baker, Josephine Powell, Patricia Hruby, Josephine :;the dazzling life of Josephine Baker
J BIO Chasing Freedom Grimes, Nikki, Chasing freedom :;the life journeys of Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony, inspired by historical facts
J BIO Freeman, Elizabeth Woelfle, Gretchen, Mumbet's Declaration of Independence
J BIO Galilei, Galileo Demuth, Patricia, Who was Galileo?
J BIO Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Arun. Grandfather Gandhi
J BIO Kamkwamba, William Kamkwamba, William, The boy who harnessed the wind
J BIO Lincoln, Abraham Osborne, Mary Pope. Abraham Lincoln
J BIO Liston, Melba Russell-Brown, Katheryn, Little Melba and her big trombone
J BIO Ripley, Robert Anderson, Kirsten Who was Robert Ripley?
J BIO Roosevelt, Theodore Adler, David A. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
J BIO Truth, Sojourner Turner, Ann, My name is truth :;the life of Sojourner Truth
J BIO Wilder, Laura Ingalls McDonough, Yona Zeldis. Little author in the big woods :;a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Spanish J 553.7/Mor Mora, Pat, Water rolls, water rises
J 394.266/Kap Kaplan, Michael B., Betty Bunny loves Easter
J 394.266/Koo Koopmans, Loek, The three wise men :;a Christmas story