new nonfiction in children's

J 001.94/Doe Doeden, Matt. Anatomy of a dragon
J 001.94/Doe Doeden, Matt. Dragon behavior
J 001.94/Doe Doeden, Matt. Dragons in mythology
J 001.94/Leg Legg, Gerald, Dragons
J 001.94/Moo Mooney, Carla, Dragons
J 032/Sch Scholastic book of world records
J 152.14/Gol Goldstone, Bruce, I see a pattern here
J 200/Lan Langley, Myrtle. Religion
J 306.87/Ajm Ajmera, Maya. Our grandparents :;a global album
J 323.1/Bas Bass, Hester, Seeds of freedom :;the peaceful integration of Huntsville, Alabama
J 323.65/Rod Rodgers, Kelly We the people : civic values in Americ
J 342.73/Buc Buchanan, Shelly. The U.S. Constitution and you
J 363.72/Pau Paul, Miranda, One plastic bag :;Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia
J 398.2/Cam Campoy, F. Isabel. Tales our abuelitas told :;a Hispanic folktale collection
J 398.2/Dal Daly, Niki. Pretty Salma :;a Little Red Riding Hood story from Africa
J 398.2/Sto Stowell, Louie. Beauty & the beast
J 398.8/Ove Over the hills and far away :;a treasury of nursery rhymes
J 458/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first Italian phrases
J 469/Paq Paquet, I.L. Os sonhos dos bebe
J 491.7/Kal Kalz, Jill, My first Russian phrases
J 492.7/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first Arabic phrases
J 495.6/Kal Kalz, Jill. My first Japanese phrases
J 551.21/Van Van Rose, Susanna, Volcano & earthquake
J 551.6/Can Canavan, Roger, You wouldn't want to live without extreme weather!
J 552/Roc Rocks and minerals :;facts at your fingertips
J 579/Dav Davies, Nicola, Tiny creatures :;the world of microbes
J 591.46/Jen Jenkins, Steve, Egg :;nature's perfect package
J 591.51/Sco Scott, Traer. Nocturne :;creatures of the night
J 595.76/Gib Gibbons, Gail. Ladybugs
J 595.7/Bin Bingham, Caroline Everything you need to know about bug
J 595.7/Roo Rooney, Anne, You wouldn't want to live without insects!
J 598.72/Mar Mara, Wil, Woodpeckers
J 598.86/Otf Otfinoski, Steven, Crows
J 598/Rus Russo, Monica. Birdology :;30 activities and observations for exploring the world of birds
J 599.67/Ble Blewett, Ashlee Brown, Mission: elephant rescue :;all about elephants and how to save them
J 599.78/Cas Castaldo, Nancy F. Mission: polar bear rescue :;all about polar bears and how to save them
J 600/Bar Barnham, Kay. Could a robot make my dinner? :;and other questions about technology
J 612.84/Zie Ziefert, Harriet, Does an owl wear eyeglasses? :;think about how everyone sees
J 614.47/Roo Rooney, Anne, You wouldn't want to live without vaccinations!
J 617.64/Zie Ziefert, Harriet, Does a tiger go to the dentist? :;think about how teeth stay healthy
J 618.92/Zie Ziefert, Harriet, Does a hippo go to the doctor? :;think about how everyone keeps healthy
J 628.92/Sch Schmidt, Maria T. Fire trucks
J 629.22/Cop Coppendale, Jean. The great big book of mighty machines
J 635/Cor Cornell, Kari A. The nitty-gritty gardening book :;fun projects for all seasons
J 639.39/Tho Thomas, Isabel, Slinky's guide to caring for your snake
J 688.72/Dol Dolan, Hannah, LEGO Ninjago, masters of spinjitzu :;the visual dictionary
J 688.72/Iso Isogawa, Yoshihito, The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 idea book :;181 simple machines and clever contraptions
J 688.72/Iso Isogawa, Yoshihito, The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 idea book :;181 simple machines and clever contraptions
J 745.5/Rod Rodríguez, Guadalupe, Handmade crafts by children for children
J 791.437/Dol Dolan, Hannah. LEGO Star Wars character encyclopedia
J 791.437/Dol Dolan, Hannah. LEGO Star Wars character encyclopedia
J 793.735/Ell Elliott, Rob. Laugh-out-loud jokes for kids
J 793.735/Pat Pattison, Rosie Gowsell, Just joking 6 :;300 hilarious jokes about everything, including tongue twisters, riddles, and more!
J 793.735/Tec Teckentrup, Britta, The odd one out :;a spotting book
J 808.81/Dea The death of the hat :;a brief history of poetry in 50 objects
J 917/Ber Berne, Emma Carlson, Did Christopher Columbus really discover America? :;and other question, about... The New World
J 932/Anc Ancient Egypt :;facts at your fingertips
J 947.7/Ken Kent, Deborah, Ukraine
J 951.15/Zha Zhao, Guangchao. In the Forbidden City
J 951.95/Som Somervill, Barbara A., South Korea
J 959.8/Yom Yomtov, Nelson, Indonesia
J 967.62/Bur Burgan, Michael, Kenya
J 972.92/Bjo Bjorklund, Ruth. Jamaica
J 973.04/Smi Smith, Charles R., 28 days :;moments in Black history that changed the world
J 973.3/Win Winter, Jonah, The Founding Fathers! :;those horse-ridin', fiddle-playin', book-readin', gun-totin' gentlemen who started America
J 973.92/Dav Davis, Todd. The new big book of U.S. presidents
J 982/Bla Blashfield, Jean F., Argentina
J BIO Parks, Gordon Weatherford, Carole Boston, Gordon Parks :;how the photographer captured black and white America
Spanish J 811.6/Argueta, Jorge Argueta, Jorge, Salsa :;un poema para cocinar
J 394.261/Ber Berger, Samantha, A Crankenstein valentine
J 394.261/Cel Cella, Clara. Presidents' Day
J 394.261/Col Colandro, Lucille. There was an old lady who swallowed a rose!
J 394.261/Das Dash, Meredith, Presidents' Day
J 394.261/Dew Dewdney, Anna, Llama Llama I love you
J 394.261/Di A Di Angelo, N. Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!
J 394.261/Kro Kroll, Steven. The biggest valentine ever
J 394.261/Pet Petersen, David, Snowy Valentine
J 394.261/Sha Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. Nate the Great and the mushy valentine
J 394.262/Keo Keogh, Josie. St. Patrick's Day
J 394.262/Mil Miller, Reagan. Mother's Day and other family days
J 394.262/Pla Platt, Cynthia, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Curious George
J 394.262/Sla Slater, Teddy. The luckiest St. Patrick's Day ever!
J 394.262/Win Wing, Natasha. The night before Mother's Day
J 394.262/Win Wing, Natasha. The night before St. Patrick's Day
J 394.263/App Appleby, Alex, Happy Fourth of July!
J 394.263/Cal Callahan, Sean, A wild Father's Day
J 394.263/Win Wing, Natasha. The night before Father's Day
J 394.264/Das Dash, Meredith, Veterans Day
J 394.264/Lan Landau, Elaine. Celebrating Veterans Day
J 394.264/Rod Rodgers, Kelly. Remembering our heroes :;Veterans Day
J 394.265/Pet Pettiford, Rebecca. Diwali
J 394.266/Dew Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama holiday drama
J 394.266/Pat Patricelli, Leslie, Hop! Hop!
J 394.267/Yol Yolen, Jane. How do dinosaurs say happy Chanukah?