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Exhibit runs through September 10, 2014 in the Gallery on the second level.


Caleb Cole

The images from Caleb’s "Odd One Out" series began as found photograph, purchased in antique stores and estate sales. The images are of groups of people during special events, reunions, and family gatherings. The photographs are the spoils of a hunt, the proceeds of afternoons spent looking into the eyes of people he did not know and who may no longer be living. He selects images of people who, unlike the rest of the smiling faces in the frame, bear looks of loneliness and longing.

Removed from their original context and meanings, Caleb then digitally alters these photographs to segregate the one from the many, isolating the person from their surroundings by a field of white. The shape of the crowd is maintained, hinting at details of the group of which the person is a part, but with which they do not feel at home. The negation of the group serves to emphasize the presence of the one, to make visible the person who feels invisible. In constructing these images, Caleb tells the story of the outsider, the odd one, those who are alone in a crowd.

  • http://calebcolephoto.com/


Elizabeth Slayton

Paintings using acrylics and moliding paste
Moving from large scale, non-traditional still life in oil on canvas, Elizabeth has moved closer to the subject, in particular to the onion, discovering another world of image and composition and design. A crack in the skin, or the lines of veins, or a sudden emerging of color below the skin begins to suggest different layers of meaning. To the viewer it becomes less clear what it is that one is seeing and invites a different kind of observing. It takes one beyond the familiar, beyond the limits of our ordinary way of knowing things and into more imagination.

In these paintings, Elizabeth works on canvas creating a raised, rough white surface which surrounds an embedded iridescent shape. One might interpret these shapes as rivers, or pathways, stems, or bones, all of which are vessels of movement. Moving closer and closer to the object has taken the work beneath the surface and into an interiority of aliveness. No longer viewing the object from the outside, this new work explores the inner movement of the life force itself, the vital energy that underlies manifestation. The outside appearance is no longer the referent for the work, but rather, the referent has become an intuitive awareness of inner aliveness.

  • http://www.elizabethslayton.com/



This exhibit would not be possible without assistance from the Friends of the Bedford Public Library.

Arts Steering Committee

Susan Grieb
Jean Hammond
Astrid Reischwitz
Carol Rissman

Exhibit Hours :

Monday-Thursday 9-9 Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-5
Sundays 1-5
(closed Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day)

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The exhibits and the receptions are sponsored by the Arts Steering Committee, the Friends of the Library and the Bedford Free Public Library.